The Journey

The Journey

The start of something new is always a little exciting. There is a rush of excitement because of the great possibilities, and just a bit because of the risk. Even the greatest ideas have the possibility of failure. A great idea without proper execution can easily fizzle … and die.

The Why

Taking a risk is a thrill. It gives you the chance to succeed; the chance to show your idea to the world. If your idea is great, and the execution is near perfect, the world will hail you as a genius. This seems great on the surface, and what most people strive for and ultimately fail. At the fundamental core, great products come out of solving needs. The root of a successful company is simply finding a need and being passionate about solving that.

####The How

This seems to directly relate to the why. Solving an issue well requires passion and excitement. You don’t just want to get it done; you want to make it amazing. Every last detail is important. How people see it, touch it, experience it, makes all the difference.

####The Example

In my (biased) experience, When I Work embodies all these qualities. Detailed execution in solving a problem often creates a (seemingly) simple solution. But this simple solution is what people are looking for, and it’s what will make your product or company excel.

Now if only you could get to #1 on Google.

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